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Mild Snack Sticks
Delicious snack sticks with a mild flavor. Weight 8 oz.
Cajun Snack Sticks
A taste of the Bayou. Weight 8 oz.
Beef Jerky
Our original classic Beef Jerky with the flavors of soy sauce, garlic and various spices combined in this time tested classic jerky recipe. 4 oz Packages .
Peppered Beef Jerky
Our Peppered Beef Jerky takes our Classic Beef Jerky recipe and adds the kick of pepper.  4 oz Packages
Teriyaki Beef Jerky
Our Teriyaki Jerky adds  the wonderful flavors of Teriyaki to our Classic Beed Jerky for a true winner.If you like Teriyaki and Jerky you have to try this! 4 oz Packages
BBQ Snack Sticks
A sweet BBQ taste. Weight 8 oz.
Plain Summer Sausage
Just the right combination of beef, pork and seasoning makes our Plain Summer Sausage a favorite for sausage platters, sandwiches, with cheese and crackers or just enjoying by itself! Weight 1.25 lbs.
Garlic Summer Sausage
Our garlic summer is sure to please garlic lovers. This sausage is made with beef, pork and just the right amount of garlic to make it pleasing to the garlic lovers pallet. Weight 1.25 lbs.
All Beef Summer Sausage
This delicious sausage is made with all beef. Serve with your favorite cheese. This smoky beef flavor is sure to please. Weight 1.25 Lbs.
Pepper Jack Summer Sausage
Just a touch of heat in this summer sausage.
Habanero Snack  Sticks
Snack Sticks that bring the heat Weight 8 oz.
Cheddar Summer Sausage
With Wisconsin cheddar cheese smoked right into this sausage there is no need to add a slice of cheese to your sandwich! This sausage is great for on the go and it tastes great! Weight 1.25 lbs.
Sweet & Spicy Cheddar Summer Sausage
One of our newest recipes, already a hit. Weight 1.25 lbs.
Garlic Snack Sticks
A perfect blend of spices with a pinch of flavorful garlic for flavorful Garlic Snack Sticks you're sure to love! Weight 8 oz.
Ham Snack Sticks
Simply delicious Ham Snack Sticks. Weight 8 oz.
Regular Bacon
This is our Award Winning bacon. You get a hint of sweetness from the perfect combination of brown sugar and maple. Weight 1 lb.
Double Smoked Bacon
The delicious flavor of our award winning bacon times two! Enjoy our double smoked bacon on a cheeseburger or give your BLT's an extra kick. Weight 1 lb.
Nitrite Free Bacon
The flavor of our tradtional bacon cured with natural nitrates found in celery and cherries and smoked to perfection. Weight 1 lb.
Pepper Bacon
Our traditional bacon with course ground peppercorns to add a robust flavor. Enjoy our pepper bacon wrapped around a tenderloin or with a plate of eggs. Weight 1 lb.
Turkey Bacon
Health conscious but still enjoy your bacon? This is for you! Make it part of a classic eggs and bacon breakfast, in a sandwich or your favoirite recipes. Weight 1 lb.
Pork Butt Bacon
This leaner pork bacon is cured and smoked like our traditional pork bacon. Wonderful on a sandwich or burger. You get the bacon goodness with every bite. Weight 1 lb.
Canadian Bacon
A lean & meaty bacon, makes a great breakfast sandwich. Or toss it on top a pizza with all you other favorite toppings. Weight 1 lb.
Teriyaki Snack Sticks
Delicious Teriyaki Snack Sticks Weight 8 oz.
Beef Bacon
Smoked and cured just like our traditional bacon but instead of a pork bacon it is made from beef. Meaty and delicious, definitely not your commonplace bacon. Weight 1 lb.
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