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Hog Processing

Beef Cuts

If you don't know someone to buy a hog from Brandon Meats offer our hogs by the half hog or whole hog. We purchase our hogs from local farmers.

The cost of $2.99/lb is based on the hanging weight and the average hanging weight of a half hog is 100 lbs. This cost includes cutting, wrapping and freezing and plain ground pork. There is an additional fee for smoking of hams, bacons, hocks and for any sausage products.

Hogs come in on Monday by appointment only. Please have your cutting orders in that Monday or before because we process the hogs the next day (Tuesday) according to the customer's specifications.

Hog Slaughtering



Whole Hog


Half Hog


Weighing Whole Hog


Weighing Half Hog


Spit Hogs





per lb



Smoking Bacon and/or Hams

$0.95 - Average Ham: 15-8 lbs.

Nitrate Free Bacon


Double Smoked Bacon


Seasoned Sausage


Italian Sausage




Brat Patties


Pork Patties


Breakfast Links




Ring Liver


Lard Rendering




Half Hog with an average hanging weight of 100lbs would consist approximately of:

Cured & Smoked Ham OR Fresh Ham Roast

1 weighing 15 - 18 lbs

Cured & Smoked Bacon OR Fresh Side Pork

1 rack approx 7 to 9 lbs

Pork Chops

24 to 28 cut at 3/4" thick

Shoulder Roast & Shoulder Steaks

2 roast and 16 to 18 shoulder steaks cut at 3/4" thick

Pork Hock

1 fresh, or smoked or boned for trimmings

Spare Ribs

3 lb. average

Pork Liver

1 & 1/2 lbs fresh or other options of braunschweiger or Ring Liver


If you choose to have the fat rendered to lard, a half hog would average two 4# containers.


Approximately 7 lbs


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